Week 4 Blog Assignment: Two Helpful Resources for Project Managers

For the EDUC 6145 (Project Management in Education and Training), students were assigned to locate at least two resources that would be useful in planning an ID project’s schedule and write how these sites may help plan a project’s schedule, budget, or break down a project’s tasks. I’ve identified two sites that may be useful when making such plans. The first resource was a paid service provided by Smartsheet http://(https://app.smartsheet.com/sheets/9PRMq5rjw6GFfPCpc7M8jXCJ8w8qVHPVWcRR25h1?view=gantt). Smartsheet is an application that allows members of a project to add, track, and modify tasks on a timeline. It is essential that project managers stay organized, communicate the roles of each stakeholder, keep the big picture in mind, and keep all stakeholders on task with completing the training project (Walden, 2022). Smartsheet may be a useful resource for achieving these goals. This app allows a project manager to be designated as the primary editor, monitor, and task assigner. This app can allow the Project Manager to create tasks on a timeline, share those tasks with the stakeholders, display sub-tasks, allow for controlled feedback and editing on those tasks, and then monitor the project toward the deadlines. Viewers can toggle between various views including a Gantt (Generalized Activity Normalization Time Table), grid view, card view, or a calendar view. Another feature is that viewers can mark their progress in the sub-tasks, while the app tracks the percentage of completion. The Project Manager can control with whom the project is shared and can approve tasks as they are completed. Essential features are alerts and reminders. The information can be compiled into reports and shared as graphs and charts. There is a 30-day trial during which users can test the software to determine if they want to use the application long-term.

Another resource that may be useful in planning an ID project’s schedule is Linked In Learning https://www.linkedin.com/learning/. The site offers professionally made videos, structured learning paths, exercise files, and templates. The topics encompass a broad range of disciplines. Some of these include graphic design, business and data analytics, marketing, graphic design, video editing, budgeting, time management, computer programming, instructional design, consulting, organization behavior, human resource, project management, and more. The training ranges from theoretical to practical. An instructional design project manager could gain some general information about time management, project management, and communicating with stakeholders and training sponsors while also accessing practical skills such as using Excel to create project budgets, creating effective training slides to present data, and using templates for keeping stakeholders on schedule. The site offers a 30-day free trial, after which there is a subscription fee. Many public organizations such as libraries Federal agencies, and private companies allow their employees free access to this online learning provider.

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Having worked in the field of counseling and corporate training I have a fascination for how our brain manages all of the information, emotions, and obstacles we get from our personal and professional lives. I have a passion for learning how neuroscience, psychology, fitness, and nutrition can help us live a more fulfilling and productive life at home, in our recreation, and at work.

One thought on “Week 4 Blog Assignment: Two Helpful Resources for Project Managers

  1. Hi Chris. Thank you for reviewing two great resources, Smartsheet and LinkedIn Learning. It is great to have someone pinpoint how each one works with many available tools out there. Smartsheet sounds like a great resource with excellent features to help Program Managers stay organized throughout a project. The ability to assign tasks, display sub-task, and use different tables is why a PM should use it. It is also great to have a 30-day trial for customers to test it out first before committing to their product.

    LinkedIn Learning is also a great resource. Everyone in their field should invest in upskilling their knowledge in their current profession or re-skilling if they are interested in moving into a different path. I am sure they have abundant program management trainings, including developing effective project schedules.


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