Blog Assignment: Communicating Effectively

For this assignment, we were asked to read, listen to, and watch a message delivered in three different modalities: email, voicemail, and face-to-face. Here were my responses to the given questions: How did your interpretation of the message change from one modality to the next? The email lacks the tone and inflection that the voicemailContinue reading “Blog Assignment: Communicating Effectively”

EDUC 6145: Project Management in Education and Training: Week 2 Blog Post Assignment

Although making mistakes when delivering training can be discouraging or even embarrassing, mistakes can offer an opportunity for improving future training. One writer refers to the contemplation of mistakes made after a project comically as a project post-mortem (Greer, 2010). In Michael Greer’s book, The Project Management Minimalist: Just Enough PM to Rock Your Projects (2010),Continue reading “EDUC 6145: Project Management in Education and Training: Week 2 Blog Post Assignment”

EDUC-6135-2-Distance Learning-2022: Assignment Week 1

What is Distance Education? Dr. Michael Simonson defines distance education as involving distance teaching and distance learning (Walden University, 2022). He defines distance education as formal education in which “the learning group (teacher, students, resources) are separated by geography and, sometimes, by time (Walden University, 2022).” Watching Distance Education Evolve My perspective, definition, and attitudesContinue reading “EDUC-6135-2-Distance Learning-2022: Assignment Week 1”

What is ADDIE in Instructional Design?

Building a home requires a design, a plan, and a step-by-step process. What would happen if you tried to build a home without any design or planning? You would likely make a lot of mistakes that you would have to fix later. You may buy too much or not enough of the right materials, costingContinue reading “What is ADDIE in Instructional Design?”

13 Ways To Overcome Insecurity in Your Intimate Relationships

Do you or your intimate partner frequently struggle with any of these challenges in your relationship: If so, just know that there are ways to help you or your partner become more secure in your relationship. Some insecurity in a relationship is normal, but a lot can be a problem It’s not uncommon for peopleContinue reading “13 Ways To Overcome Insecurity in Your Intimate Relationships”

4 Reasons Why Learning Objectives are Critical in Instructional Design

I’m going to begin this article with a quick reference to Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice, the main character, comes to a crossroads with two paths, each stretching in opposite directions. As Alice contemplates which way to turn, she is confronted by the Cheshire Cat, of whom Alice asks, “Which path shall IContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Learning Objectives are Critical in Instructional Design”