EDUC 6145 Project Management: Week 6 Assignment

Scope creep is any deviation from the established project plans and baselines. In instructional design this often involves others, managers or other well-intended colleagues, trying to squeeze as much content into a training project at the risk of diminishing the effectiveness or even losing the original purpose of the training project. Well-intentioned colleagues, stakeholders, andContinue reading “EDUC 6145 Project Management: Week 6 Assignment”

Week 4 Blog Assignment: Two Helpful Resources for Project Managers

For the EDUC 6145 (Project Management in Education and Training), students were assigned to locate at least two resources that would be useful in planning an ID project’s schedule and write how these sites may help plan a project’s schedule, budget, or break down a project’s tasks. I’ve identified two sites that may be usefulContinue reading “Week 4 Blog Assignment: Two Helpful Resources for Project Managers”

Blog Assignment: Communicating Effectively

For this assignment, we were asked to read, listen to, and watch a message delivered in three different modalities: email, voicemail, and face-to-face. Here were my responses to the given questions: How did your interpretation of the message change from one modality to the next? The email lacks the tone and inflection that the voicemailContinue reading “Blog Assignment: Communicating Effectively”